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Law School Education Facts

In many countries, the UK included, one of the most coveted careers to have is the career of a lawyer. However, in the UK, the legal system is different than other areas of the world. The legal system in the United Kingdom includes two types of lawyers, Barristers and Solicitors. Based upon what role you would like to obtain, the schooling you will have to endure will be different.

Understanding the differences between Barristers and Solicitors is the first step you need to take, when obtaining a law degree through university. Barristers generally take on different cases than Solicitors, even though both worth in union, to keep the legal system within the United Kingdom operable. Whichever avenue you attempt to take within the UK legal system, you will have to make sacrifices. You will need to sacrifice your time and your money, in cases where funding is not available, in order to be able to attain your goal.

How Long Does Law School Take?

It takes three years to earn an undergraduate law degree in the UK. The degree concentrates on teaching the theoretical side of law. During this time, criminal and civil procedures are not taught, neither are practical skills or lawyer ethic codes. After receiving the law degree, each profession will need to undergo a vocational study course.

Barristers will attend the vocational course for Barristers, while Solicitors will need to attend a legal practice course for their branch of the legal system. Each course teaches different subject matters, and the information that is taught, is assessed in a different manner. Once the vocational stage has ended, both types of legal practitioners will need to obtain an apprenticeship at an established chamber or firm.

Solicitors obtain training contracts, while Barristers are expected to obtain pupillages. Pupillages are a little more tedious, but during this training, Barristers can begin taking on personal cases, after a six month period. Typical training contracts last a course of two years. A successful student that chooses to attend law school can end up completing the entire ordeal within a short span of five to six years.

Grades Required To Pass Law School

Unlike many other legal programmes, law schools are different in the UK. Individuals that are aspiring to be a part of the legal system are not given J.D. advanced style degrees. Also, students that have studied at university will complete the vocational aspect of their training, alongside individuals that did not have the same privileges that they had, or individuals that chose to change their careers, and decided to pursue law instead.

Individuals that want to work in the field, will need to have a first-class undergraduate degree, even though a GPA is all that is required to move on to the next level of credentialing. Just like with any profession, the grades that you hold in school, will help determine the type of worker that you are going to be. If the subject of law entices you, then you are more than likely going to go above and beyond when studying it. Therefore, there should be no reason why someone who wants to pursue law as their career, should ever have to consider what their grade point averages need to be in order to advance.

How Much Is A Lawyer Compensated?

After doing all of the necessary schooling ,as a Solicitor trainee, you can expect to be paid roughly £12,000 or double the sum per year, if you are doing your training in a prestigious firm. However, landing a training position in a well- known firm can be extremely tedious. Solicitors that work for private practices, after they have completed all of their schooling, will receive anywhere between £35,000 and £73,000, based upon the location that they work and the grade that they have earned in the field.

Solicitors that are employed by government agencies will typically earn lower salary scales, then those who work outside of the agencies. Barristers typically earn a lot more than a Solicitor. However, it is harder to become a Barrister in the United Kingdom, than it is to become a Solicitor. One of the primary reasons is due to the immense amount of competition within the field.

Future Growth

Choosing to pursue a career where there is no growth potential is insane. No one wants to waste their time or energy going to university, to not be able to know that after all is said and done they will be able to have a comfortable existence. There is an immense amount of growth potential in the legal system. The higher grade that you can assume while employed in the field, the more money you will make, and more responsibilities you will be required to take on.


What Are The Benefits of Going to Law School?

Time has revealed to the masses, that in order to be successful, you need to be educated. College has become a main priority for newly graduated students, and for many adults that never had the opportunity to attend school after graduating from high school. Knowing what the benefits are of going to one school over the next is important.

One career that offers a wide array of promises is law. Choosing to study law is a big decision to make. Law school is relatively time-consuming and expensive. However, the skills that you can obtain from pursuing this realm of study can be used in a plethora of careers. Coincidentally, most people that choose to go to law school do so, so that they can eventually practice law. But, one thing that many people neglect to realize is that the skills that an individual can learn from studying in this caliber can also be used to benefit other types of careers.

With everything that you will do in your adult life, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your decision. While, there are many benefits that go along with choosing to attend law school, there are also a few drawbacks as well. Determining if the benefits take precedence over the drawbacks is going to be a decision that you will need to be able to make on your own.

Weighing The Pros And Cons of Attending Law School

Pro: Individuals that choose to go to law school will have the versatility to choose what type of career path that they would like to follow. Having a general understanding of law and the way that it works can be helpful in various types of careers. If you elect to use your law degree for other things, a part from practicing law, you can easily set yourself apart from the competitive labour markets.

Con: When applying for careers that do not require you to have a law degree, recruiters may gain their own opinions about you. Many recruiters will look at your credentials and assume that you chose to go to law school, because you were not certain about what you would like to do in your life, going forward. Typically, explaining to the recruiters that the reason that you made your choice to attend law school, was to gain valuable skills that could assist, in other career paths, is a great way to combat their questions, and to eliminate getting the “over qualified” rejection.

Pro: Attending law school will give you a broad set of skills that can benefit you in the future. Graduates from law schools, will have a thorough understanding of logical reasoning skills, legal practices, analysis, and critical thinking. The skills that are gained by going to a law school can be helpful in everyday life circumstances. Even if you choose not to use your law degree to help you pursue a career as a lawyer, the skills gained, can be used to benefit your everyday existence.

Con: Law degrees are accompanied by steep price tags. While the skills that you will gain from obtaining a law degree are invaluable, it is important that you determine if obtaining these skills is going to be worth the costs that are associated with earning this type of degree. There are various scholarship and aid programs that are available that can help to offset the high price of gaining an education, but not everyone who applies for aid is going to qualify.

Have Law Degrees Lost Their Value?

Before making the decision to attend university to help you attain a law degree, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the journey you are about to embark upon. It takes roughly seven years to graduate with a degree in law. During the time that you are attending university, you need to be able to focus your attention on school. Any outside distractions can detour you away from completing the task at hand.

This will leave you in debt, with no job to be able to help you eliminate the financial burden that you placed upon yourself. The degrees have not lost their value. The problem that many people have that choose to pursue these types of degrees, is they start going to school, with the best intentions. Then, life throws several curveballs their way, and instead of pushing those curveballs aside, and continuing on with their education, they stop.

Having a law degree is a coveted thing to own. It not only shows employers that you are well-educated, but it also shows that you are determined, and have the ability to do something for an elongated frame of time, without going astray. Law degrees are not given to everybody; it takes one special type of person to be able to finish with this type of qualification.