How Can I Save for Uni, Uni Fees, and Finding a Job That Fits Around Uni?

The hardest part of going to University is finding the financial support in order to further your education. Tuition fees and the funding available are dependent upon where you go to Uni. Going to an undergraduate University can range anywhere from 7,000-9,000 Euros. Even with financial aid, budgeting is an important step to support you while attending University.

In order to work out your budget, you have to figure out your minimum income, your likely expenditure, and balance the two by budgeting. Working out your budget and referring to it throughout the year on a regular basis, is a good way to plan for the upcoming years at University.

Discipline is a hard thing to force yourself to do, but by sticking to your budget, it is a great way to give yourself an idea on how much of your money you will have to spend while attending Uni. By forcing yourself to stick to your budget, you will end drastic overspending and give yourself a really good estimate on how much the future years at Uni will end up costing you out of pocket.

Working While at University

Working while in school is difficult because as a student, it is common to be scared of the fact that you would not have any time to spend anywhere else. You have to spend as much of your time that you possibly can on your studies. In reality, you have more time to spend elsewhere than you planned. The number one priority is to go to school, but you can also pick up a part time job while studying. There are positives to having a job while attending Uni. Having a job on the side can provide extra cash for any other expenses you might need to spend money on and to save for the future.

When arriving at University, you should begin applying for jobs online. Student jobs are normally advertised through the Student Union. You should apply for as many positions as you can and not worry about the type of position you will be working in. A student may have to work a terrible job temporarily in order to have extra money—if you are serious about wanting to find work.

Yes, you may have to take any work you are offered but working for Student Union is one of the better options. Your Student Union will care that you are attending University and be willing to work around your schedule. Working and attending school is not hard if you manage your time wisely.

How to Find an Acceptable Job That Works Around Your University Schedule

Before you begin your job, it is vital that you tell your future employer your schedule (i.e. the nights that are needed off, the times you’re available, etc.). Another thing to remember is to never let your job become more important than your studies. While acquiring a job, you’re thrilled because you have a little extra money and you’ve learned to budget and manage your time; don’t work anymore than 15-20 hours a week.

It has been found that one in six undergraduates don’t have enough financially to cover the cost of their monthly expenses (rent and groceries). It has been found that London is the most difficult place to study in because it is by far the most expensive place to survive in. A student never wants to end up at the point where they are skipping meals to save money. Financial aid sometimes doesn’t even cover the cost of school expenses, let alone your living expenses. Finding a part time job is one way to ensure another income is coming into your hands and you are able to put forth money to the places to need it to be.

University Fees Can Be Extensive

University fees can be expensive and while attending University, you have to learn how to budget and attain more money to care for yourself. You cannot forget to remember that school comes first. After graduation, many jobs tend to focus on not what your marks were, but the extracurricular activities a person has done while attending Uni.

They are searching for evidence of volunteering and yes, work experience while you were studying. It can be frustrating because of all of the hard work you placed into going to Uni. Unfortunately, having a 2:1 seems to not even matter anymore. Doing some extracurricular activities is helpful for when you do graduate and are looking for a job in the field that you earned your degree in.