What Kind Of Salary Can I Be Looking At When Graduating From Uni?

Money is the main reason why people choose to go to university. If there was no financial gain associated with attending university, people would not go. Theoretically, people that attend university, in order to learn a skill, will earn up to three times the amount of money during their lives, than those who choose to not attend university, and pursue traditional jobs that do not require any professional skills or certifications.

University can be fairly expensive. Therefore, it would not make sense for someone to attend, without gaining financial stability as a result. What you can expect to earn after completing university, is going to be based on various factors. First and foremost, it is going to be based upon what type of career that you are going to be using your degree for. For example, if you make the choice to go to Law school, nine times out of ten, the degree that you will achieve is going to be used for practicing law.

Medical Profession Salaries

Individuals that choose to pursue a degree in medicine will typically stand the best chance of landing a job in their degree programme. People that elect to work in this field will generally earn higher salaries, than the salaries earned in other professional programmes. Graduates that obtain a degree in medicine will earn roughly £45,000 on an annual basis, or more for specialized fields.

The job duties that these individuals carry out are all based on helping their fellow man. Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel fit into this category. Their jobs can range from performing simple hygienic tasks to performing more extensive surgical procedures on their patients. Although the amount may sound low, this is the median salary earned, and does not depict what your actual earnings will be.

Engineering Degree Salaries

Engineering gives the second highest salary earned with a degree from university. The average salary that an individual employed in this field can expect to earn is roughly £42,016 on an annual basis. The salary earned follows behind degrees in chemistry and physics.

Engineering has always been a high paid field. The skills that an individual with this type of degree learns can be used in a various amount of industries. Engineering is one career that has seen an immense amount of growth over the past fifty years, and will continue to be a fast-paced and flourishing career choice.

Art Degree Salaries

Unfortunately, even though the arts are great, people that pursue this type of degree will generally earn lower salaries than individuals that pursue degrees in other subjects. Art degrees are not upheld like they used to be. The average salary for a graduate that graduates with this type of degree is £21,008 per year. Although the earnings may sound meager, and make interested Art majors consider what degree they want to attain in school, the earnings are still higher than the type of salary that you could expect to obtain without a degree.

Law And Social Science Salaries

In many countries, people that choose to obtain law degrees are awarded by hefty salaries. However, in the UK, the opposite is true. Individuals that pursue this type of degree plan will end up averaging £30,004 on an annual basis. The work that they perform is needed and coveted, but they are not highly rewarded in the financial sense.

Social Science degrees are used by people who elect to work as parole officers or counselors. Without individuals working in these fields, many people would not be able to receive the proper direction that they need in order to be able to become a contributing part of society.

Business and Finance Degrees

People that enjoy working with numbers can choose to obtain a finance degree. Degrees in business and finance can enable an individual to earn a comfortable salary after graduating from uni. Individuals that obtain one of these degrees can expect to earn a salary of £30,004 on an annual basis. The amounts will increase as the individual becomes more engaged in the field. As with any profession, the more you know the more money you will earn, and more recognition you will receive.

Salary Requirements For Entry Level Positions

When reviewing over salary information for jobs that can be obtained with a degree from university, it is important to take a few things into consideration. First of all, the salary that you will earn after attending university will fluctuate, based upon your skill level and your experience in the field. Entry level salaries are typically lower than salaries that are obtained with experience.