Celebrities That Went to University

When you think about going to University, it’s never really thought that celebrities further their education. They already have everything they need, so they would not have to attend Uni? Celebs have a fast-pace life and it is difficult to fantasise about them in an intelligent setting. It’s surprising to know that there are heaps of celebs took the positive step in their life to go to University and further their education, despite their celeb status.
In society, we go to University to create a future for ourselves. In order to prosper in our adult lives, we place ourselves in debt or hope to find the much needed financial support to make it through Uni. Modern day people have to make modern day sacrifices in many aspects of life in order to further their education. It is though, well worth the effort at the end.
Celebrities, however, don’t have to worry about the expenses of Uni because they have the monetary resources to receive a degree. Unfortunately, if they receive their University education while currently famous, they have to take time away from their career to study; risking their current career.
Why Do Celebrities Sacrifice Time to Attend University ?
Celebrities can fall out of the spotlight and sometimes it is easier to have a back-up plan. Some celebrities studied subjects that have no relevance on their careers today at all. They study though, like everyone else, to feel educated, to gain knowledge because knowledge is power.
Furthering their education seems to have similar conflicts as modern people’s lives. For example: Prince William enrolled at the University of St. Andrews under the name “William Wales” and applications from females temporarily increased. He continued on to earn his degree in Geography, and was overwhelmed by female attention!
It is difficult to image Mr. Bean sitting through class and carrying home an armload of books while thinking about the half-hearted attempt that he made in his last essay. In reality, Rowan Atkinson received a degree in Electrical Engineering from Newcastle University. Before meeting Richard Curtis and co-writing/starring in the series Blackadder, Rowan Atkinson truthfully believed his future was in electrical engineering.
Some other celebrities that have furthered their education at University:
Gerard Butler received his honors degree in Law at Glasgow University. He claims that it is amazing that he made it through law school because he isn’t “the most academic of guys.” The day he decided he wanted to be an actor was the day he was fired from his job as a trainee lawyer.
Hugh Grant studied English Literature at the University of Oxford and graduated with a 2:1. The male lead in Bridget Jones won the Galsworthy scholarship and later attended University and earned his degree.
Emeli Sande, known for her outstanding role in the music industry, studied medicine in the five-year MBChB course and the University of Glasgow. She has stated in the past that education was one of the most important things to her s because if her music career failed, she would have something to fall back on. She waited until she had received her degree in Neuroscience before pursuing her music career.
British television show host Jonathan Ross furthered his education at the University of London where he earned his degree in Modern European History. He worked as a researcher on Channel Four in the 1980’s and became a presenter for the first time in January 1987 on the series The Last Resort.
Boris Johnson, was elected president of the Oxford Union and was also a member of the university’s Bullingdon Club while attending Oxford University. Johnson knew he had a knack for politics when he was nineteen and is now the Mayor London.
The Comedian Harry Hill received his degree in Neurosurgery and University College London. He became a doctor and later became a host of popular television shows, an author, and a screenwriter for the popular television show Fruit Fancies in 1994. A far cry away from his comedy antics!
The English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris Martin graduated with first-class honors in Ancient World Studies. He stayed at Ramsay Hall and received his degree in Greek and Latin at UCL. He is now a part of the band Coldplay.
Lily Cole, best known for her modeling and acting role in Polly the Geek in 2007, received her education in History of Art at Cambridge University.
Phoebe, Lisa Kudrow, from the hit television show Friends received a degree in psychobiology and is a credited researcher. She graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Originally, she wanted to pursue her career in research and later was inspired to perform by one of her brother’s friends Jon Lovitz.
Does It Pay To Attend University?
It sure as does!
Although, as modern day people we believe that celebrities already have it all, and they do not need to sacrifice their time to attend university, and join the “normal” crowd. However, many celebrities have come to the realisation that their fame may not always last. With the increased costs that are associated with living in the UK, it is important to have a backup plan in place, just in case, the lights go out on a famous celeb. And who knows, you may bump into a celeb at the uni you study at. Moreover, you may become one of the celebrities of the future after graduating!