Privacy Policy

If you choose to continue to utilise our site, you are openly agreeing to the terms within this privacy policy. This policy governs all actions that you perform on our site, and can change at our discretion. Any modifications that are made to this policy will be mandated and enacted immediately.
The privacy of our users is important to us. We are committed to protecting any and all personal information that you provide us with. The primary focus of this privacy policy is to assist you with understanding the way that your data is used, and collected while on our site. By providing us with your personal information, you are expressing to us that you have read this privacy policy in full, and adhere to all of the contents within.
Information Collected
We do not require you to provide your personal information to our site, in order to be able to browse through this website, and utilize the information that we provide. However, even though you do not need to provide your personal information in order to utilize our site, we will ask you to give us personal information about you, if you decide to subscribe to any of the services that we provide. The personal information that we will ask for you to provide is only going to be used to allow us to verify you as a subscriber and render whatever service that you want delivered to you.
There may be times when your systems information is collected, in order to be able to assist the site with being able to find different ways to make your experience enjoyable. The information will inform us if we need to make any enhancements to increase the user friendliness of our site. Not only do we believe in safeguarding your personal data that we collect, but we also want to ensure that your visit to our site is enjoyable. By tracking information from different systems that access our site, we are able to ensure that your visit to our site is catered to your needs.
How We Use Your Personal Data
We appreciate that you have chosen our site for your needs. Therefore, we vow that we will never use your data for anything that you do not give us permission for. We do not require you to provide any information to us, if you decide that you would not like to join our site. If you decide to become a member on our site, then we will require a few bits of personal information from you. The information that we collect during this process is only used to help you have an enjoyable and personal experience on our site.
We do not utilize any cookies on our site. What does this mean to you? This means that we respect your privacy. We will not track your activities online, which is exactly what cookies do. They make the websites that you visit visible to other sites that you frequent. We believe that this is an invasion of your privacy, and do not engage in these types of activities.